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Finding the right Business Hosting Provider is a crucial milestone for any business. U-Bute Designs offer reliable and very competitive Web Hosting Plans.

We deal with many businesses who cannot afford to have their emails offline or down, as they rely heavily on their emails and website to be live. We provide strict spam filtering on our plans to overall reduce spam issues that most people are currently dealing with.

There are certain important features that a business Web Hosting service will have. Here are some of the most important features to consider.

  • Security – Every quality business hosting provider must offer security from unnecessary data loss. For business websites that involve transactions (online payments), this is especially crucial.
  • Statistical Data on Visitors – The business web hosting provider you choose must also provide statistical data on visitors. This data must be represented in varying forms, for instance charts, graphs, and listings. These reports are crucial in understanding the workings and performance of your website.
  • FTP or File Transfer Protocol access is what makes transferring web pages from your PC to the hosting company easy. It remains the most common transfer technique for most people. Therefore, before settling for any business hosting provider, ensure they offer FTP access. This feature must also allow for scalability. Does the provider offer the option for scalability later? FTP access lets you upload business web pages using email or browser.
  • Anonymous FTP – Anonymous FTP is crucial for businesses that offer any free download. FTP lets your visitors download files from your server. An anonymous FTP lets visitors to your website download files freely as it removes the extra steps typical of most servers. Visitors don’t have to enter further details. When personalizing your website, this feature offers great ease of usage.
  • Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth) – When potential clients or visitors land on your pages, how fast does it take them to get bored and leave? This is mostly determined by data transfer, commonly known as traffic or bandwidth. Faster loading pages and more efficient websites have better bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of bytes per second transferred when visitors open pages on your website. Therefore, finding a business hosting provider that offers quality bandwidth is vital. Most often, businesses get fooled with the “unlimited bandwidth” promises. In reality, a provider may pass on the costs if you consume lots of bandwidth. Avoid the temptation to go for “unlimited bandwidth” providers. There is nothing like unlimited bandwidth! It is always limited somewhere in the Terms of Service.Check how much bandwidth the business web hosting provider allows and whether that meets your enterprise’s needs. But you must also plan for the future. Remember, as your business website grows, visitor traffic obviously increases and thus the need for more bandwidth. Bandwidth requirements vary between websites. For instance, most basic sites (except software archives or music providers) require around 3GB of bandwidth monthly. How much will your requirements cost you?
  • Autoresponders, POP3, Mail Forwarding, Email – Autoresponders are an important consideration for any business web hosting service. Autoresponders are primarily preset email messages that automatically reply to senders. All businesses prefer to have their own domain email address, for instance The business hosting plan must allow for a catch-all email address that reroutes all emails sent to your domain to you. Autoresponders are also known as mailbots, emailbots, or email-on-demand. This feature is essential for building communication between the business and prospective clients. Other than just automatically replying to mails, autoresponders also store the contact information from the mails it receives. Through this prospective clients’ database, you can easily email newsletters, undertake customer surveys, announcements, etc.
  • Multiple Domain Hosting and Subdomains – Enterprises that require multiple domains within the same business hosting account ought to find a provider with such a package. This includes those interested in selling web space as resellers. Check to ensure your chosen business web hosting provider offers this service, as well as the costs you will incur.

You can contact a U-Bute Designs representative to discuss any hosting plans that you are interested in. Various plans are available for small to large business users to suit your individual requirements.

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